Xcode 4.5 error – Timed out waiting for app to launch

Sometime we usually face the problems for launching the app directly from latest Xcode.
During the time of debugging we often encounter ‘Time Out ‘error. To fix the issue many people tried it in various ways. As an IOS developer I have also faced the same issue while launching app form Xcode box. Xcode shows me that message as “Could not launch “appname”. Timed out for the app to launch”.

I just figured out what exactly the problem with latest Xcode devises, and followed the following method to overcome it ……

For me restarting of Xcode, cleaning DerivedData and again restarting is not enough in most of the case, until one figured out that iTunes was also running, and after quitting iTunes everything worked fine!

So my simple steps to fix the issue are:
1. Quit Xcode.
2. If iTunes is running, quit iTunes.
3. Reopen project.

No need to remove app from the device, clean project or restart/disconnect device. I think that’s because Xcode and iTunes use some common libraries (as you know, Xcode Installer always asks to quit iTunes on installing iOS SDK).

You can use above steps while you encounter error on launching apps from Xcode.

Written By: Tauheed Ahmad, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions


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