Choosing a Project Template While Creating a Windows Store Application in WinJS

As a WinJS application programmer, we need to choose a right project template to begin with the application. Templates are the pre-built frames to support the programmers with some pre-written code architectures. So we need to choose the correct template among them.

Visual studio offers 6 types of templates for WinJS as follows.

Blank App Template:
As the name suggested, the blank app templates contains very basic codes structure in it. On choosing of this template, it creates the blank project structure with the basic WinJS library references, theme CSS along with default.Html and default.js files etc.. When we plan to start with fresh new app and start coding from the begging we can choose this template. This basically helps beginners to write the app from scratch and allowing them to learn.

Blank App Template

Blank App Template

Grid App Template:
Grid app template comes with minimal implementation of the code. It comes with the WinJS reference library, CSS themes, Navigation framework integration, default HTML page, CSS and JS for default page and grid implementation. In this template we find the grid tile implementation with details level navigation.

It demonstrates creating group data and binding with a grid and navigating to the detail section of each item. The default page treated as a parent container here. We can choose this template for the items where we have requirements to dig down from a top story to detailing of the stories like news, magazine, sports apps etc.

Grid App Template

Grid App Template

Split App Template:
Split app template is a kind of template which displays the information by splitting the screen in 2 different section. It conations the WinJS reference, theme CSS, default page with CSS and JS along with a list kind of implantation along with group tiles. Group times contain the header grouping of data and allows user to navigate deep into it. On navigating deep it contains a list with all the key information and allows the user to click on the items to get into the detail section of the app. Each detailed information gets displayed in the right hand side of the list on choosing of any key element form the list at left hand. This also demonstrates the data binding to a list. While developing apps like medical, patient info apps etc. this kind of templates are very helpful.

Split App Template

Split App Template

Fixed Layout Template:
It generates a fixed layout. The items render inside gets scaled in a fixed proportion to any screen. Since Win 8 support multiple resolution screen this kind of template is useful when we design an application which fits to the screen. Usually we need to use this kind of templates while creating Game apps etc.

Fixed Layout Template

Fixed Layout Template

Navigation App Template:
This template defines the explicit navigational architecture between one page to to another keeping the home screen as the parent container.

Navigation App Template

Navigation App Template

We can use the any template architecture for any application. But some of the best suit examples we have considered above. These templates help programmers in rapid application development process.

Written By: Nirmal Hota, X-platform Mobile Lead, Mindfire Solutions


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