GPS Location Tracker using Xamarin

Mobile devices are smart enough to provide the geo-location coordinates by consuming the GPS API embedded inside.
Let’s get the geo-coordinates and a street address which is close to the location using Xamarin. In the below example I have demonstrated the same in Android environment.

Following are few steps

Step #1
After creating a new Xamarin Android app add some common permission in AssemblyInfo.cs

[assembly: UsesPermission(Manifest.Permission.Internet)]
[assembly: UsesPermission(Manifest.Permission.AccessFineLocation)]
[assembly: UsesPermission(Manifest.Permission.AccessCoarseLocation)]

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Upload Video to Server Using Multiparts in iPhone

This blog will help you in recording and uploading video to server using multiparts in iPhone.

We have two methods for sending video data to server:-

1. Video data is encoded before sending data to server.
2. Video data is encoded after receiving complete data to server.

We can encode video data before sending data to server, but at the same time we have some drawbacks like time issues, lagging effects. Thats why we have preferred the second option, where we are recording the video and send video data to server using “multipart”. When data successfully received at server side, then encoding part would be done on server side only. This method will prevent the app from time and lagging effects.

In the case of multiple part messages, in which one or more different sets of data are combined in a single body, a “multipart” Content-Type field must appear in the entity’s header. The body must then contain one or more “body parts,” each preceded by an encapsulation boundary, and the last one followed by a closing boundary. Each part starts with an encapsulation boundary, and then contains a body part consisting of header area, a blank line, and a body area.

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Ways to include different video formats in different browsers and mobile devices


First of all my hearty thanks to Corinne Ducusin, one of the reader of my Tip How to play multiple videos in a loop using HTML5 and JavaScript. She is the person, who anyway encouraged me to write this post.

Yesterday I received an email from her, which includes a query, “how can we include the different formats of same video file to play it in different browsers”.

We all know that all browsers do not support same media formats of videos. So it’s a best practice to include different formats of videos to play it in different kind of browsers and devices. The browser will detect the supported format automatically and play that video file.


As per that post, videos were declared in an array to play them in a loop using HTML5.
var videoSource = new Array();

So now the question is, how can we include the other formats for the same video? If we declare the array like below, will it work? Continue reading

Canvas animation in windows store apps

Animations are key features to make an app interactive and lively. It can occur between Opacity, change in X & Y coordinates, Bounce effect, Size changes etc. Storyboards are the most effective way to implement an animation.

In this example we will go through an animation, which would make a rectangular box move from left to right with position and time span being specified.
To make such kind of animation first of all it is required to animate the Canvas.Left property of an element using the DoubleAnimation class. This class makes use of the Duration specified in the format “hour:minute:second” and animates the Canvas.Left property of the element according to the time period specified. Other property includes AutoReverse, which reverses the animation (the same animation in opposite manner)and RepeatBehavior, which specifies how many times the animation can be repeated. Continue reading

Slider as progress bar using Titanium

Introduction :
Slider API generally used to select value from defined range of values, where as with little modification we can use the same API to design progress bar which can be used to display the amount of work done of a long process. For example, progress bar can be displayed while uploading or downloading any content.

Summary :
Referring to the above video, I have described the way to use slider API to make progress bar using Titanium.


Presented By: Raju Mahato, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions

Emoji in iPhone and How to Enable it with Sample Code

Now a day, we all are using the messaging apps. There is a feature in this kind of app is sending the smileys to show the expression. We have facility to enable keyboard from setting but sometimes we need to create our own custom keyboard according to their preference and requirement.

To send the emoticans we just need to send the unicode characters with backslash. There is a unicode for each smiley.You can check the unicode from the given link:

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WinJS.Promise.Any – An example

WinJS.Promise.any gets invoked when any of a promise object finished its execution from a list of promise objects. We need to create an array of promise objects, which we are expecting to execute. On successful execution of any of the promise object from the array will invoke the “any” method to perform the tasks defined.

In this scenario, I need to execute a task on successful execution of a web services from a list of web services.

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Scrollview as TableView with Titanium

Introduction :
With multiple view added vertically on a scrollview looks as a tableview on a screen. By adding views one after another to scrollview, we can change that scrollview as a tableview with Titanium.

Summary :
Referring to the above video, it describe the use of scrollview as tableview using Alloy in Titanium.


Presented By: Raju Mahato, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions

Selecting phone book contacts in Windows Phone using MVVM

Windows phone API allows us to access the phone book contact list using the code. Contacts are fetched in an observable list with details like Display Name, Company, Phone Number etc bundled in the Contacts object. These contacts can then be displayed in a list box with required details.
Following examples demonstrates the same.

We will use the Contacts class to fetch the details of phone book contacts.
To start with windows phone Contacts class first and foremost requirement is that of adding a capability of ID_CAP_CONTACTS in the WMAppManifest.xml file.
To add a capability either edit the XML or select the Capabilities tab from WMAppManifest.xml file and select the ID_CAP_CONTACTS check box located in the left part of the screen. Continue reading

Scrollable view using Titanium

Introduction :
There might be a scenario, where we have list of view which need to be displayed one at a time. On swipe the views will be changed. Titanium has properties called as ‘ScrollableView’ which can help us to meet our requirement.

Summary :
Using above video, we came to know the use of scrollableview to have view swipping effect using Titanium with Alloy.


Presented By: Raju Mahato, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions