Emoji in iPhone and How to Enable it with Sample Code

Now a day, we all are using the messaging apps. There is a feature in this kind of app is sending the smileys to show the expression. We have facility to enable keyboard from setting but sometimes we need to create our own custom keyboard according to their preference and requirement.

To send the emoticans we just need to send the unicode characters with backslash. There is a unicode for each smiley.You can check the unicode from the given link: http://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode

e.g. Suppose we have to show the smiley in the label then we will set the unicode character in the label text and this label will shows the grinning face with smiling eyes.

label.text = @”\U0001F601″;
We can enable the emoji keyboard from the Setting Screen. Please check the given  link to enable Emoji keyboard.

But we can’t enable the emoji keyboard programmatically in the iPhone application to input the characters in the textfield so we need to create the custom Emoji keyboard. We can create the emoji keyboard by adding the buttons on the scrollView & set the unicode chars in the button title. So button will show the emoticans. When user clicks on the button, we can get the title of the button.

Please click here to get the sample app for more detail.

Written By: Meenakshi Pathani, iPhone Developer, Mindfire Solutions

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