How to Use Render Scripts in Android

If you are an android developer, you must have faced the problem of slowing down or even crash of your app while implementing complex image processing operations? I faced the same and found RenderScripts as appropriate solution to it.

The RenderScript are used in android for complex computations such as image processing. The Scripts are based on the C99 standard of C language. RenderScripts was introduced in API 11 i.e. Honeycomb.

For accessing RenderScript in android there are two API’s

1. Android.renderscript :- from API 11(HoneyComb) to higher API’s.
2. :- from API 8(Froyo) to higher.

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Classic Bluetooth Implementation

This is basically a kind of tutorial which will be useful if you are learning and implementing bluetooth in your android app. In this tutorial I have shared the code for scanning of the Classic Bluetooth devices in range and fetching the paired devices list, moreover I will find some time to write about the implementation of further aspects of classic bluetooth.

Android offers bluetooth API that lets you share your stuff wireless. As per Bluetooth standards it offers you short range (10 m approx.) device connectivity. This API let application to the Bluetooth devices and enable point to point or multipoint wireless feature. Here we are discussing about the Classic Bluetooth that consumes more battery life.

Bluetooth devices with low power requirement Android 4.3 (API level 18) introduces support for Bluetooth Low Energy, I have talked about it in my last blog. We will get to understand about  the API by creating a sample application that lets you share you stuff over bluetooth.

To start with we will first find to check that whether our device support bluetooth or not. For this we need to use Bluetooth Adapter class. Bluetooth Adapter is some sort of entry – point for all bluetooth interaction.

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