Toast MyToast

In this post we will be talking about the most helpful feature provided by Android for a quick notification to user, i.e. Toasts “Small informative texts shown at bottom-center of device screen, for defined time duration”.

Default UI design of these toasts is a semi-transparent dark color background with white text over it, not even showing the name of application which spawned it, no so eye-catching, right? I know… So, let’s make a custom Toast Notification that complements our awesome UI…

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Optimized ListView Having Listener within The Row Items

ListView is an extensively used widget in Android Applications for displaying data in a structured way. To display custom made views as row elements, it is always preferred to associate Base Adapter with ListView. This is how a BaseAdapter can be used to show a list in which each element contains a text field and a checkbox:

// Initialize the ListView and set its adapter.
ListView listView = (ListView) findViewById(;
listView.setAdapter(new NormalListAdapter((Context) this));

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