Bubbling effect and its solution using corona SDK

Introduction :
The bubbling effect is a very common issue produced while developing cross platform mobile applications.

Bubbling Effect?? What’s that ??
Let’s assume a layout in which we have a parent box having a child box and both of them having their own click/touch event. Now if anyone clicked/touched the child box, ideally event associated with the child box should get fired. But here, along with this the event associated with its parent box will also gets fired.
Meaning on click of child box, both the events associated with child and its parent gets fired. Let’s get the solution for this issue, which is described in below screen cast.

Summary :
The above video described the bubbling effect caused in an app and the solution to handle this issue using Corona SDK.


Presented By: Raju Mahato, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions


Capture specific UI element from the screen at anytime with Corona

In my last blog ( Capture whole screen at any time with Corona ) I have explained you that how easily we can take screenshot of the screen of our app using corona. So today I am going to explain you that how can corona can be useful to take a picture of specific display object.

As we already know that the ‘display’ API can be used to capture any screen, in similar way display library has funcion called ‘capture’ used to take the picture of a pointed UI element.

So let’s have a screen where we will have few UI elements and then we will capture one of the display object present on screen.

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Capture whole screen at any time with Corona

Think of a scenario where you are in certain position of a game level where you need to save the screenshot of that instance and probably you can share them later to your social network. So don’t worry more. Using Corona with few simple steps you can implement this feature to you application

Corona provides several API which makes your life easy while developing your application. ‘Display’ is the one of the API which generally called to populate UI element on the screen but it also have some function which can be called to capture the screen.
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Displaying Single and Multiline Message label using Corona SDK

Introduction: On every other application we need to use label in order to display custom message to the screen. I am going to demonstrate in this blog how can we add a single line and also multi line label to a screen using corona SDK.

Description: Corona SDK actually provides a framework using which we can make cross-platform mobile application like app for IOS and Android. Its provides several API libraries. One of those API is ‘display’ which have a function called newtext() using which we can display a label to any screen.

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Show Countdown Before Starting of your Game with Corona


Few months ago I was just making a prototype of a gaming app. After few days when it reaches a position where a user can check it, I have shown it to one of my friend. After looking to its every corner we found some flaws and also listed some points that I need to implement to make it more presentable. He asked me why I don’t add a countdown before jumping to the game directly. Then I realized, it’s not a bad idea. After that I have implemented that without wasting any time in second thought. I manage to display countdown like 3, 2, 1 and then the game begins. So today we will see how we can make our own custom countdown.


So let’s say we have a gaming board page where we will play the game but before starting we will add countdown like 3, 2, 1 and after that user can play the game. So for that lets make a translucent background where we will show our countdown number.

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Page Navigation using Director Class with Corona SDK

In every application we have different pages to hold different components and we need to navigate from one to another. With the Corona SDK, we have different ways for page navigation like navigation using director class, storyboard and so on. So here we will discuss about the page navigation using ‘director.lua’ class.

Suppose we have two windows, window1 and window2 and every application prepared with Corona have a landing page or we can say it as a start page for the application named as ‘main.lua’. If someone renames this file then app will not run. In order to use director class we need to put the director.lua file to root directory of the project with main.lua file.

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