LibGdx a Cross-platform Game Development Framework

LibGdx a cross-platform game development framework and a best way for beginners who turned into game development. Using LibGdx one can build 2D or 3D games with little efforts only you need to be familiar with the basic programming language. There is a core project that needs to create on java and some little coding needs to make it executable in different platforms like desktop, Android,IOS Html5 etc. We will focus on to develop android games. I am going to start with the very basics step that needs to be setup before the coding part. And then we build some Demo Projects and try to get understand that how the whole code is working.  To work on LibGdx you need to install Java JDK, Android SDK and Ecllipse. There is a TroubleFire section in the blog where you will find solutions of the troubles that might come during your work.

Download the Java Development Kit(JDK) from the below link :-

Download the Java Standard Edition JDK for windows platform after downloading execute the downloaded installer file (for example, jdk-7u11-windows-x64.exe) and follow the instructions on the screen. Setup the Environment variable path with your jdk path

Start->Right Click on Computers->properties->Advanced System Setting → Environment Variable
look out to system variable click on Path click to edit add your JDK directory path (like C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_11)

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Capture specific UI element from the screen at anytime with Corona

In my last blog ( Capture whole screen at any time with Corona ) I have explained you that how easily we can take screenshot of the screen of our app using corona. So today I am going to explain you that how can corona can be useful to take a picture of specific display object.

As we already know that the ‘display’ API can be used to capture any screen, in similar way display library has funcion called ‘capture’ used to take the picture of a pointed UI element.

So let’s have a screen where we will have few UI elements and then we will capture one of the display object present on screen.

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