Searching on Table with Titanium on CrossPlatfrom App

Generally we use table-view to display data in different rows with table format in an application and adding search functionality on those table data is very common. So let me demonstrate the ways to search data among the table rows.

To display data in row format Titanium provides API called Table-View. So lets use table-view to display data on screen and then will add search functionality. Suppose we have a window called home where we will have our table.

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Tableview in Cross-Platform App using Alloy in Titanium

Introduction :
Its a very common functionality or requirement to display data in rows format. In order to do so Titanium provides API like ‘TableView’ which can be used to make table format with different rows. Below is a description on how to use the table view with Alloy in Titanium. Alloy supports the most popular design pattern i.e. MVC, which generally have model, view and controller structures. We will follow the same pattern in Titanium.

Description :
Using Alloy, we will have a view which will hold all the UI components to be displayed on screen and will have a controller for this corresponding view. Currently we will not go for building any model as we don’t need it.

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