One Way Data Binding In WinJS

Data binding is one of the key feature in the application development. One way data binding is the way to reflect the data in the control from a model. Any up-gradation made to the data in the model it will reflect in the control to which it is bound.

One way data binding
Below is a one way binding application example to see how it is really working. Let’s add a page item to the project. This will add 3 files in general. One JS file, Html file and a CSS file with the same name specified for the page item.

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Binding Data to the Controls using WinJS

While working with projects, data binding is one of the most important factor for any application. We need to bind the data to the controls in order to display the same to the user. After any successful data insertion data viewing plays a great role. So the user can verify their data on screen. WinJS provides an extensive support for the same as well.

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