Windows Store App : Flipview custom styling – Part 3

Introduction :
Flipviews in Windows store app can be used to show items both Horizontally and vertically.
By default flipview items are aligned horizontally. But vertical alignment is also possible using flipview.

Vertical Alignment of flipview items can be achieved by editing the ItemsPanelTemplate and changing the orientation of VirtualizingStackPanel inside the itemsPanelTemplate to vertical. Continue reading

Windows Store App : Flipview custom styling – Part 1

Flipviews are a common control provided along with the windows store library. They are commonly used for magazines and news applications where reading content page wise is essential. It provides a unique swipe effect where you can see pages sliding horizontally or vertically according to your requirement.

For Swipe gestures using mouse,  as per the default style, there are arrows on both side boundaries of the flip view pointing towards the required direction of movement.

We will Look into a situation where we need to remove the arrows of the flip view from it’s style. This situation may arise when we want an entirely touch application where swiping the screen might be the only option. Continue reading