LibGdx a Cross-platform Game Development Framework

LibGdx a cross-platform game development framework and a best way for beginners who turned into game development. Using LibGdx one can build 2D or 3D games with little efforts only you need to be familiar with the basic programming language. There is a core project that needs to create on java and some little coding needs to make it executable in different platforms like desktop, Android,IOS Html5 etc. We will focus on to develop android games. I am going to start with the very basics step that needs to be setup before the coding part. And then we build some Demo Projects and try to get understand that how the whole code is working.  To work on LibGdx you need to install Java JDK, Android SDK and Ecllipse. There is a TroubleFire section in the blog where you will find solutions of the troubles that might come during your work.

Download the Java Development Kit(JDK) from the below link :-

Download the Java Standard Edition JDK for windows platform after downloading execute the downloaded installer file (for example, jdk-7u11-windows-x64.exe) and follow the instructions on the screen. Setup the Environment variable path with your jdk path

Start->Right Click on Computers->properties->Advanced System Setting → Environment Variable
look out to system variable click on Path click to edit add your JDK directory path (like C:\Java\jdk1.7.0_11)

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Three Steps to Create Push Notification Enabled iOS Application

Apple push notification service. As an iOS Developer we often heard the term APNS. Let’s explore this cool feature of iOS device. APNS is Apple push notification services. By using this service we can send required information to the respective user’s application accordingly. This seems quit confusing so lets make it simple and clear.

As iOS application provide a very negligible scope to tackle things when the application is in background. Apple has provided a solution to this. In spite of, let your application track what new is available for user on the server side. you can write a script on your server to let your application what all updates it has. You can send three type of information using APNS:

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How to Integrate Instagram into iOS Application and Share Photo With it

When we are into developing an iOS application related to social networking like posting photos or videos, then we are in need to integrate some of the well-developed social networking APIs into our application.

I also came across such a situation when I was working on an application which was to promote the Campaigns with the help of social media network “Instagram”. Instagram is a social networking service that allows its users to capture photos and videos, modify and share them with friends. So here I am to help you all with the easy integration of the Instagram API into our application.

Before I start, I would like to make clear what is it all about. In my blog I will deal with:

1. How to register your application in Instagram to fetch the “Client ID” for the application.
2. How to call the Instagram API to show the Instagram login screen and fetch the access token.
3. How to fetch the logged in Instagram user information using the access token.
4. How to share a photo with Instagram using iPhone hook.
5. What are the drawbacks of using iPhone hook and the possible way out for it.
6. How to clear the access token (clear the cookies).

So, let’s get started:

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