jQuery with WinJS in Windows Store Application

As we all know, we can design Windows store applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We can use jQuery along with the WinJS as well.

Let’s open up the Visual Studio and create a new navigation project under JavaScript with a name called jqTest.
Now we will get the project created and opened with the default.html page.SolutionExplorer


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Getting geo-coordinates from address in PhoneGap application using Google API

In this post we will discover the use of Google API to get the latitude and longitude by passing the address/location in PhoneGap application.

It is very easy to get the geographic coordinates (latitude & longitude) from a particular address using Google API. Google API exposes Geocoder() method which takes the address as input parameter and returns the geometry.location as output. We can parse the geometry.location to get the latitude and longitude value.

Here is the code snippets to get the latitude and longitude value from specific address. Continue reading

Video Tutorial for Dynamically Inserting Multiple Progress Bar

In this tutorial we will demonstrate the way to insert the progress bar dynamically to the DOM using JavaScript.

Basic Template:-

<div class="progressBarHolder"

Video Tutorial:-

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Binding Data to the Controls using WinJS

While working with projects, data binding is one of the most important factor for any application. We need to bind the data to the controls in order to display the same to the user. After any successful data insertion data viewing plays a great role. So the user can verify their data on screen. WinJS provides an extensive support for the same as well.

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MVC Architechture & OOPs in JavaScript using PhoneGap

In this post, we’ll look into the creation of MVC architechture in Javascript. Using MVC in PhoneGap applications makes them modularize, which is much helpful during big projects and most of all, makes them easy & simple to handle and review during maintenance. Use of Oops concept, helps us making multiple instances of Model/Controller that can be used with multiple views, each having it’s own scope.

First of all, let’s have a look into the MVC architecture. As we know Model creates the bridge between the database and the Controller, whereas View manages the UI in associate with the Controller. So, the vital part is the Controller, which builds the passage between the Model and View, passing the data
to & fro. The Controller contains all the logical codes that need to be done, and rest Model & View just contains the code required to manipulate the data.
Let’s go with a small application for better understanding. So here is the basic requirement, we will be having some students info stored on the local sqlite database and our job is to retrive those students and list them on the list view.

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