Displaying popups Using Flyouts WinJS Control


Flyouts are also a kind of popup. They appear on the screen on request. Unlike the dialogs, flyouts are usually non-modal. It is a WinJS control which can be customized basing upon the requirement.

Unlike the dialogs, Flyouts can be closed by clicking somewhere in the screen area out side the flyout itself. We can customize the look feel along with the display position of the flyout.

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Choosing a Project Template While Creating a Windows Store Application in WinJS

As a WinJS application programmer, we need to choose a right project template to begin with the application. Templates are the pre-built frames to support the programmers with some pre-written code architectures. So we need to choose the correct template among them.

Visual studio offers 6 types of templates for WinJS as follows.

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Modal popup in Titanium

Now a day it’s common to show messages in websites using modal popup. Here I have tried to make a custom modal window that can be used to show messages.

There will be button on a window, on click of which a modal popup will appear on screen and then if we click outside of the message view, the popup window will get closed.

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