Displaying Dialogs in WinJS

Dialogs are the one of the most basic part of an application. Usually we need dialogs to inform the user about some kind of notifications or to take the quick user input on screen without navigating to a separate page of the application. We can display also dialogs in widows store application.

Informative Dialogs
This kind of dialogs are the one which usually used to notify the user about any information. It has an information in the body with a button to close the dialog.

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Choosing a Project Template While Creating a Windows Store Application in WinJS

As a WinJS application programmer, we need to choose a right project template to begin with the application. Templates are the pre-built frames to support the programmers with some pre-written code architectures. So we need to choose the correct template among them.

Visual studio offers 6 types of templates for WinJS as follows.

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Binding Data to the Controls using WinJS

While working with projects, data binding is one of the most important factor for any application. We need to bind the data to the controls in order to display the same to the user. After any successful data insertion data viewing plays a great role. So the user can verify their data on screen. WinJS provides an extensive support for the same as well.

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