Display red edit button on left side of rows in a table view using Alloy with Titanium

Introduction :
For iOS we can implement the row edit functionality in a table view.
Here I am describing the same with below video.

Summary :
Following above video we have learned to display edit button along with red delete button on rows using Alloy with Titanium.


Written ByRaju Mahato, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions

Video Tutorial for Dynamically Inserting Multiple Progress Bar

In this tutorial we will demonstrate the way to insert the progress bar dynamically to the DOM using JavaScript.

Basic Template:-

<div class="progressBarHolder"

Video Tutorial:-

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Capture specific UI element from the screen at anytime with Corona

In my last blog ( Capture whole screen at any time with Corona ) I have explained you that how easily we can take screenshot of the screen of our app using corona. So today I am going to explain you that how can corona can be useful to take a picture of specific display object.

As we already know that the ‘display’ API can be used to capture any screen, in similar way display library has funcion called ‘capture’ used to take the picture of a pointed UI element.

So let’s have a screen where we will have few UI elements and then we will capture one of the display object present on screen.

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Capture whole screen at any time with Corona

Think of a scenario where you are in certain position of a game level where you need to save the screenshot of that instance and probably you can share them later to your social network. So don’t worry more. Using Corona with few simple steps you can implement this feature to you application

Corona provides several API which makes your life easy while developing your application. ‘Display’ is the one of the API which generally called to populate UI element on the screen but it also have some function which can be called to capture the screen.
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