Displaying popups Using Flyouts WinJS Control


Flyouts are also a kind of popup. They appear on the screen on request. Unlike the dialogs, flyouts are usually non-modal. It is a WinJS control which can be customized basing upon the requirement.

Unlike the dialogs, Flyouts can be closed by clicking somewhere in the screen area out side the flyout itself. We can customize the look feel along with the display position of the flyout.

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Displaying Dialogs in WinJS

Dialogs are the one of the most basic part of an application. Usually we need dialogs to inform the user about some kind of notifications or to take the quick user input on screen without navigating to a separate page of the application. We can display also dialogs in widows store application.

Informative Dialogs
This kind of dialogs are the one which usually used to notify the user about any information. It has an information in the body with a button to close the dialog.

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Custom Tab with Smooth Animation using Titanium Framework

Here is a sample code to make custom tab and open their corresponding views with a smooth animation.

//Define current window
var currentWin = Ti.UI.currentWindow;

//Define the first tab
var firstTab= Ti.UI.createView({

width                  :100,
height                 :50,
left                     : 65,
top                     : 0,
opacity               : 0.5,
backgroundColor :’red’

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